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Grand Canyon '15

Nick's first family getaway with the Do's

If you know anything about me, you know how very conservative the Do side is. So it wasn't until we were officially engaged that Nick was allowed on any family trips with my parents or extended family on the Do side. Thankfully Nick has always accepted and respected the Viet culture and beliefs to not put me in an awkward situation. That's why I love him and get to marry him!

Each summer, my uncle Lee plans for a camp trip with the family. This year we were planning on camping in Kings Canyon National park in central California. Unfortunately, a few days prior to our departure, there was a forest fire 10 miles away from our campgrounds and we had to cancel our original plans. We scrambled to come up with new plans and since it was such short notice, we knew we had to get a hotel and completely ditch our pitch-a-tent plans. I'm sure my grandparents were not disappointed that they were going to be sleeping on a comfy bed with A/C instead of an air mattress in the middle of the woods with the possibility of wild animals coming to visit at night.

We rerouted and ended up in Sin City with a day trip going to the Grand Canyon's westrim. Fortunately for us, even though we were out in the desert in the middle of summer, the weather was very tolerable. Since the west rim skywalk was fairly new, we definitely wanted to check it out even after reading average reviews.

What I did like about the skywalk was the adrenaline rush I got when I was looking 4,000 feet below with only a two inch piece of glass holding me up. I don't want to admit it, but my heart was racing when I was walking out on the glass when we were waiting for the photographers. Nick was most nervous of all of us, but I'm so glad he conquered his phobia and enjoyed it.

I definitely would recommend paying a visit to the skywalk if you are ever in the area. The skywalk bridge unfortunately is short and admission is pretty pricey, but definitely still neat to experience especially for last minute plans.

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