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Tinkerbell Half Marathon

My first half on Mother's Day.

Seriously so crazy that I signed up for this and actually finished it! A little about me and running is just that, very little much to say. I have always hated to run and would avoid it at all cost. One of the things that really pushed me to sign up was for the rare characters. I would see tons of cool and rare characters come out during race weekend and kept telling myself that I want to be there for the next event. I'm not sure why I was so ambitious and signed up for the half marathon instead of the 5k or 10k, but as my ride-or-die, Bee, always say, 'Go big or go home'.

Honestly, it really helped knowing that Jane and Christian were also running the half which helped my anxiety a little. I know a lot of people and even myself had doubts of me finishing but boy did it feel exhilarating when I crossed that finish line!

Jane, Christian and I started in corral F which was the very last corral. I was originally placed in corral E but since I arrived late, there was no way for me to get to my corral with the other runners already lined up. I knew because I was in the last corral, I definitely needed to keep a pace of 16 minutes per mile and stay ahead of the pace car or else get picked up.

At Mile 3, we found the Lost Boys! Unfortunately, it was one of those spots that we were only allowed to take selfies and only the Raccoon Twins were paying attention.

I told Jane days earlier, that she and Christian run at their own pace and that I'll eventually meet them, finished or not. I'm glad I told them this because after 3 miles of trying to keep up with them, I was already drained. Once we hit mile 5, I knew I was only slowing them down so they ran ahead. Jane was the best support I had during those 13.1 miles. She would call to make sure I was still holding up. Thank you, Jane!

Mile 10

Not sure how I did it, but seriously so proud of myself for finishing my first 13.1 miles. I can't thank my friends enough for supporting and believing in me.

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