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Cast Service Celebration

Nick hits his 10 years of service at Disney!

I think I was more excited for this event than Nick was since I was the one to ask about his invitation coming in the mail and even RSVPed for him. I'm not sure why he wasn't as enthusiastic but I think he had more fun than I did that night.

DCA closed early this evening for those Cast Members that have been with Disney for 10 or more years. I'm really fortunate to be able to attend because each Cast Member were only allowed to invite one guest. Thank goodness Nick lasted longer than I did with Disney, haha.

We arrived a little after 7:30, had it been me, I would've arrived sooner but like I said, Nick wasn't too excited to be going back to 'work' on his first night off. My main goal was to eat lots of food and if Mickey and Minnie were out, take pictures with them. For three hours of our lives, Disney catered to us to the fullest. They served complimentary beer, wine, mixed drinks, can you say #winning? This alone won over Nick and his attitude for the night. They had multiple locations throughout the park with buffet style food and even had crab legs and shrimp! We didn't pay a lot of attention to the map, but had we did, we would've known that Disney was giving complimentary ice cream, corndog and popcorn. Seriously, we were so spoiled with everything and I'm so glad I forced Nick to go.

Honestly, I would have been content with just taking a picture with Mickey and Minnie. But Disney had pulled out a LOT of characters, we saw Hades, Cruella, Captain Hook, Lightning Mcqueen, Red, Slim, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Pinocchio, Geppetto, Horace, Clarabelle and, of course, Mickey and Minnie. I heard that the Big Bad Wolf, Tremaine sisters and Princess Atta even made an appearance. My night was seriously made seeing Slim in Bug's Land. I have been trying to see him in Animal Kingdom for one of the dance parties that they used to have. Unfortunately, I think the party was cancelled due to the rain when we were there and I never thought I would get to meet him ever. So when I saw the walking stick hanging out in Bug's Land, I literally ran over paying no attention that I was running to the wrong side of the line. I was so excited to see him, I think he felt my excitement and joy. I know, such a dork.

At 9:30, there was a special World of Color show and I honestly don't remember it because I was just in awe of all the fireworks. It was seriously great and what's more funny is that the British vloggers that I follow were also snapchatting from their room at the Paradise Pier hotel.

Since I had work the next morning, I started to slow down after World of Color, I hate knowing that I have work the next morning so we just waited for my ex-coworker friend, Mayra, who was also celebrating her 10 years of service and just hung out with her and her boyfriend for the rest of the night.

Thank you Nick for inviting me (although he had no choice) and big thanks to Disney for EVERYTHING, literally. Until next celebration, I hope.

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