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Disneyland Half Marathon

For someone who didn't train at all, I'm surprised that I made it through this half. This summer was ridiculously hot and if I was outside, I was playing Pokemon Go. No excuses but I do promise to train better for the next half in November.

Jane, Christian, and I didn't start in the same corral this time. I started in corral H and they were in corral J, however I had no doubts that they were going to catch up to me along the course. Since I knew that I had two corrals starting after corral H, I was able to speed walk most of the time. Definitely not something I would recommend because most people want to beat their last time, I just knew I wouldn't so I just walked most of the course. Trust me, I was ready to give up once we started leaving the parks at mile 4 but my body wasn't burnt out yet and I didn't want to disappoint or worst embarrass myself.

Looking at the course before and after the half, I still don't know how I managed to finish but I just kept going. It helps to see others walk/run around me and I kept telling myself, if they can do this, I can too. It helped that this was my second half so I sort of knew what to expect. The course felt longer than Tink's course for some reason even though there was so much more entertainment this time around.

I'm not sure why but running through the parks is more dreadful than running out on the streets. It might have something to do with the curves and bends in the parks, however the best part, for me, is finding rare characters. Running through DCA, I didn't see any characters that I needed and was starting to get disappointed until I saw Jane and Terk between the entrance of Adventureland and Frontierland. They are a rare sighting at Disneyland and surprisingly the line moved quick due to the three Cast Members with them alternating with pictures.

Mile 2

Mile 3

Nick was working that morning and as soon as I entered Disneyland, I kept an eye out for him. The cool thing about Nick's shift is that for runDisney weekends, 3rd shift cast members cheer on runners/walkers along the course in both parks. Not spotting Nick in mile 2 and 3, I was starting to get worried that we missed had each other, but before mile 4, I saw Nick before exiting the park and me hitting the streets of Anaheim.

As I was in the zone around mile 6, I notice someone pass me on my right and was trying to take a selfie. I was going to jump out of his selfie until I realized that it was Jane and Christian! I was going to try and run a little bit with them but my shoelace, go figure, decided to untie and I just told them to go ahead without me. I didn't want to slow them down and that I promised to see them in 7 miles.

Mile 9

Going through the Angel's stadium was the part I looked forward to the most besides the characters and the finish line. It was pretty cool that we were literally on the field where professional baseball players play. Usually after mile 8/9, the adrenaline kicks back in that the finish line is getting closer. The sun was starting to shine and it was getting warmer but I am so glad it was tolerable. Since I didn't have my water pack on me this time, I was consistently stopping at the water/powerade stations. Definitely not good to be dehydrayed or overhydrated but my mouth was so dry that it was untolerable.

And finally I made it!! After 13.1 miles, I have finished my second half marathon this year.

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