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Ensenada '15

Gail's Last Sail before the Veil!

I was seriously so thrilled that Gail decided to go cruising for her bachelorette. I honestly don't recall much from this weekend because what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

Friday, September 18th

Our first evening was pretty relaxing. We went to our safety drill, ate dinner, walked around, and went back to the main cabin (Gail's cabin) for some late night drinks and girl talk.


Saturday, September 19th

We arrived early Saturday morning in Ensenada. We had breakfast on the ship and then hopped on one of the city tourist bus to downtown for Papas & Beer. I'm trying to keep our site kid-friendly, so I won't go into detail with what all that happened this afternoon. Just know that there were lots of whistle blowing, tequila shots, tacos... and other 'T' words.

Being back on the boat post Papas & Beer was seriously the worst but totally worth it. Thank you to Gail and these girls for a weekend full of swirlies, dancing, singing, eating, drinking, and overall entertainment.

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