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Spring Vacation '15 (Part 2): Bahamas

Sunday, May 24th

After running around in the parks, we were definitely ready for relaxation. We cruised with Carnival because their sail dates fit our schedule best and they are most affordable.

As soon as Nick and I got to our cabin, we dropped off our belongings and headed straight for the buffet. We were still busy eating when the crew kicked us out to head to the theater for the safety drill. Since it was a typical Florida afternoon with light showers, we were allowed to skip walking to our muster stations.


Monday, May 25th

Memorial Day from Freeport, Bahamas

Nick and I didn't do any excursions at Freeport. We did get off the ship, walked to Senor Frog, and had Bahamian drinks.


Tuesday, May 26th

Nassau, Bahamas

This trip honestly wouldn't have been complete if we went to Nassau and didn't go to the Atlantis Bahamas resort. I was really hesitant on buying this excursion because it was super pricey. Luckily procrastinating for once actually benefited us. We were able to buy the excursion on the cruise for 2/3 of the original price for the Atlantis Aquaventure full day with lunch provided.

The ride from the port to Atlantis was about 20 minutes. Our tour guide gave us a quick tour of the resort before we started exploring on our own. Before we started getting in line for the water slides, Nick insisted on getting a locker because of our phones and his wallet. Just like being back at the theme parks, there was a long line just to rent lockers! We left everything and much much more in the locker.

The first waterslide of the day was the Leap of Faith. Of all the slides, this one was the one I had to go on. It is a 60 foot vertical drop and tunnels through a shark filled lagoon. Pretty nerve wrecking for me since I don't remember the last time I even went on a waterslide, let alone swimming beside sharks. Since the drop was nearly vertical and high up, I honestly flew by the sharks and barely noticed one shark as I was going through the tunnel. From Nick's POV on the GoPro, you can't even see the sharks through the tunnel. Since the resort is huge but also crowded with cruiser goers, I definitely regret not taking the time to take a picture in front of this slide before running off to the next line.

The next slide was the serpent slide. This one, surprisingly, felt more intense because we were going through a lazy river tunnel at the pace of It's a Small World ride with sharks just casually swimming around.

The abyss was really scary because unlike the other two rides, we were entering a completely dark tunnel not knowing where we were going to end up. Luckily, it was completely dark the whole time with no sudden surprises from a shark or anything. We landed into a pool with a big fish tank off on one side.

After three long lines for the slides, we decided to relax in the lazy river. The only downfall to the lazy river was that there was not enough floats circulating. We spent a good ten minutes waiting, chasing, and fighting off floats. It probably didn't help that Nick and I wanted to get a double tube float.

Our last stop of the day was hitting the beach for Nick's first time in the Atlantic ocean. The water was clear and the water temperature was perfect. I am not sure how long we were in the ocean for, but by the time we got out, I was completely drained from all the waves.

As we were walking towards the lockers, Nick stopped me and said that he had to ask one of the beach security guys something. It was kind of weird because it wasn't like we didn't know where the lockers were located, but I was honestly too drained to care and didn't think much of it. Once we retrieved our belongings, Nick wanted to change so that we can walk back to the beach but to the more secluded, quiet side for a nice picture. As I was in the restroom, my heart started racing. I don't know why but I was starting to get really nervous because something funny was going on. I brushed it off because what I was thinking in my head couldn't possibly be happening. As we started our journey back to this 'secluded' part of the beach, I won't lie, I definitely gave him attitude. I mean we were both drained of energy from playing with water all morning/afternoon and now he wanted me to walk back on the beach under the hot sun for a picture? Even though I was complaining the whole time, Nick was so persistent that I reluctantly followed with these crazy thoughts running through my head of something that couldn't possibly be happening.

And then this happened. Nick proposed!

As we had the GoPro on a timer for our selfie, Nick got down on one knee and proposed to me. I'm pretty sure the whole time, I just kept looking at my ring in the box and asking if this was for real. I was also feeling embarrassed because Nick is on one knee and I felt like the whole beach was watching us waiting for my response. I'm sure no one even noticed since we were pretty far from the crowd with the exception of a random guy walking by looking at us and walked briskly by once he realized what was going on. It was my fault for being lazy and not walking farther like Nick had wanted. According to Nick, due to my 'great' attitude, he cut his proposal short. Until now, I still wonder what Nick had to say but he states that I will hear it at our wedding.

Looking back, I should've known something fishy was going on from the moment he picked me up for the airport with his mom and they both came inside the house and asking where my dad was. I just thought they wanted to say hi to him and for his mom to meet the stray cats we had adopted. I mean we have talked about being married but I honestly didn't think it would happen this soon. Nick definitely threw me off surprising me with my bangle and then this happened to top off.

The first person I called was my mom. Since I didn't want to use my phone in international waters, I had gotten a prepaid sim card which didn't do me much good because my conversation with my mom barely lasted two minutes. I know she was anxiously waiting for a picture of my ring but I had to wait until we were back on the ship for WiFi to email her and my dad.

Our first picture as an engaged couple.

Nick seriously did such an amazing job picking out my ring and then transporting the ring thousands of miles away without me ever knowing what was up. I don't know how he did it because after he proposed, he told me he was constantly checking the ring when I was in the bathroom. Still can't believe that Nick proposed in the Bahamas. He could've done it at the parks, but I'm glad he waited for the Bahamas.


Wednesday, May 27th

Fun day at sea slowly sailing back to Port Canaveral.


Thursday, May 28th

We had some time to kill before heading to the airport so we headed to Magic Kingdom and then Epcot.

The one trip that I was actually excited to go back home as an engaged woman. Until next time, Orlando, with our kids ;)

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