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Fall Vacation '16 (Part 2): Disneyland Paris

October 30, 2016

Disneyland Paris, finally!

Originally DLP was planned for the beginning of our Paris trip, but since I wanted to attend the Halloween soiree on Halloween night, we flipped our itinerary. From my understanding, the French don't celebrate Halloween, but the crowd index for the next two days will have Nick and I wondering what the heck.

Because Nick was signing him and I in, we had to go to Guest Relations for Nick to get paper tickets. That process took about an hour as there were only two windows opened with 25 people in front of us.

As soon as we got into the park, I skipped the castle picture, and ran over to Cheshire cat's queue line in Fantasyland. We were in that line for a good one hour and a half, but I got to meet my first character of the trip and a very rare one at that.

Our third castle together! Please excuse the piece of lint on my lens. It has been there for a few days but today, it wanted to make its presence more known.

My main focus being at the parks was to meet the characters that I needed that are regulars of DLP. After asking the character attendants and realizing that those characters weren't meeting during the Halloween season, I quickly got over my disappointment and was ready to see what this park has to offer. But first, food, as always.

Here at DLP, they don't have Tomorrowland but rather Discoveryland. We walked over to Cafe Hyperion for burgers, yes I know, more burgers for the Americans. The queue was long even with 10-12 lines. I know, I know, at this point I just need to get over the queues and just enjoy ourselves. The cool thing about this cafe was that the place was huge and housed a stage for the Jedi Training Academy.

Our first ride was Space Mountain: Mission 2.

It was such a fun ride! In my opinion, definitely better than Disneyland and Disney World's Space Mountain because it literally shoots you up into 'space' with loops and just an overall fun ride. The only downfall is that my head was hitting the harness sideways from all the turns and jolts, but Nick didn't have this problem because he was wearing my scarf and it helped cushioned his neck.

The cool thing about DLP for Halloween is that they have a stage out for "It's Good to be Bad" show where all the Villains come out dancing and singing. It was really cool to watch, but I had alternative motives and that was to met the Old Hag from Snow White. Without going into a rant, Nick and I didn't get to meet the Old Hag.

Our next ride was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.

This ride was also another really fun ride but can't really be compared to Disneyland's Indy since this one is a roller coaster. Being as it was our first time, I honestly don't remember much from the ride because it was short and nothing popped out to scare me.

We wanted to explore Adventure Isle in Adventureland since we don't have it here at Disneyland. Adventure Isle is the center of Adventureland and has a northern island, where the Swiss Family Treehouse is located and southern island, where skull rock is located.

We had dinner reservations at Auberge de Cendrillon for their character dining. I figured Nick and I have splurged at Disneyland and dined at Club 33, then splurged at Magic Kingdom and had Be Our Guest, why not here?

I am so glad that My-Phuong was able to get us this reservation and we got to enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner. Thanks My-Phuong for booking our reservations!

The first thing that we were given upon sitting down was bread and this really good non-alcoholic cocktail. For our appetizer, I got the crayfish and crab with lime, Nick got the farmer salad, smoked duck breast. For our main course, I surprisingly kept my order simple and got the free-range chicken supreme in a creamy truffle sauce. I think I was all foie gras-ed out by this time. Nick got the veal medallion with a cream of morel sauce. As for dessert, Nick got the Cinderella's dessert and I got the chef's special.

Nick and I got to meet six characters throughout our dinner and Nick got to meet three new characters so he was a happy camper. I highly recommend character dining because it's the easier way to meet characters in a short amount of time, especially for families with small children because these interactions feel a lot more intimate.

After we were done eating, we continued to venture to new parts of DLP.

Walking into the queue of Small World, I walked by this lady and her son whom I thought were just waiting for their family as their back was turned to us. Turns out, as Nick pointed, the little boy was urinating in the grass!

No way can we leave DLP and not ride Phantom Manor.

Nick enjoyed it so much that we got right back on, the second time with a little longer wait. This ride was really scary for me towards the middle so I was glad we went back on again now that I knew what to expect. Doing a little bit of research on the ride, I found out that Phantom Manor is a little of the Haunted Mansion storyline and Phantom of the Opera.

It was close to closing time but Nick was very determined to get on Pirates of the Caribbean before the park closed. We ran on over and we were the last ones on the ride.

The park was officially closed by the time we were heading out. I know a lot of people enjoy closing Disneyland, but I honestly thought it was eerie. Luckily we weren't the very last ones but you can see security forming their line.


Monday, October 31st

Halloween Day

After several days of starting our day early, Nick and I didn't get to the parks until like 11 or so. We knew we were going to be at the parks late today so we walked to Disney Village (Downtown Disney) and got lunch at Earl's. Nick was really excited for these sandwiches as it is a reminder of home.

One thing the French can't get right are these sandwiches. I got my usual Chipotle Chicken with extra sauce, Nick got his Full Montage. His full montage wasn't bad, my chipotle chicken was nothing compared to home. It was really soggy and the avocado was mushy. I can't explain it.

Nick had to go to Cast Relations again today so that we can pick up our Halloween Soiree tickets. The line was ridiculously long since everyone had to pick up their tickets also. I took this opportunity to walk around Disneyland hotel, get paper tickets for the complimentary tickets that we had to use for our day entrance, and even walked into Disneyland all while Nick was still waiting in that horrific line.

Our first time at the Walt Disney Studios Park and we had to walk through the big building to get to the rest of the parks.

The two rides that we wanted to focus on was the Ratatouille ride and Crush's coaster. These two rides are the most popular at this park so the lines were long. Nick and I decided to get into the single rider line to save some time.

This ride was fun, but definitely not worth the 120 minutes for the regular queue. If you have been on Transformers at Universal Hollywood or Spiderman at Universal Orlando, this ride is pretty much the same concept but more kid friendly.

Our next ride was Crush's coaster and the single rider queue was almost as long as the regular queue. We got into the single rider line to save a few more minutes. This ride was so much fun! I honestly didn't have high expectations for it, but I really enjoyed it. We probably would've rode it again had we had more time, but there's always next time... with our kids.

Most all the rides here had, at least, a 60 minute wait so Nick and I decided to watch Mickey and the Magician. I'm so glad we did because it was a really great show, their version of our Mickey and the Magical Map.

After this show, it was time to head on over to Disneyland for the Halloween Soiree. Nick and I had really high hopes that we were going to finally enjoy Disneyland without the mass of people. Wrong, the crowd index for tonight was more ridiculous than the daytime crowd. It was as if they didn't put a limit on ticket sales or people weren't getting checked for wristbands and snuck their whole family in. I dunno.

We immediately got into one of the Villains lines. We were in that line for a good while and everyone else in line were very disappointed when we realized we were going to meet the Queen of Hearts.

We finally went to visit the Dragon in the Dungeon underneath Sleeping Beauty's castle.

We watched a little bit of the parade. It honestly was a very cool parade with tons of rare characters like Ursula, Pain, and Panic but Nick and I were far from impressed as we wanted to meet these characters. I know I sound like a spoiled brat but when we thought that paying an extra 40 euros each for the Halloween soiree tickets, there was going to be less people and meeting of rare characters.

Since we pretty much saw the Soiree for what it had to offer, we ended our night very early. I guess it was a blessing in disguise since we had an early 8AM flight to Zurich in the morning.

Disneyland Paris resort is a really beautiful park. Nick and I both agree that we enjoyed the rides a lot, but we both felt that this park could not handle the capacity that it was at. I'm not here to deter anyone from visiting this park but do come prepared. If anyone were to ask if I would visit this park again, you can guess right that, of course I would visit this park again!

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