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Fall Vacation '16 (Part 4): Oslo

With the changing of the temperatures, early mornings, late nights, and just running from place to place, my immune system had it with me. I was officially sick and so ready to get home to my bed and rest.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. We took the three hour train from Zurich to Geneva and when we arrived at the Geneva airport to check in, the guy asked if we had a hotel to stay at in Oslo. Nick and I both responded that we were only in Oslo for 30 minutes for our connecting flight to LAX.

Turns out a month after we purchased our airfare, Norwegian Airlines had to delay our connecting flight home by a whole day. So while I was more focused on the time we were to board our plane, I completely ignored that it had stated November 4th and not 3rd.

So we spent the night in Oslo and did absolutely nothing besides catching up on sleep after dinner of course.

The currency exchange for this day was 1 USD = 8.1876 NOK


Friday, November 4th

Nick and I didn't wake up in time for breakfast so we waited to get to the airport to get Starbucks. I know, such typical Americans. Honestly though, I got their lox bagel yesterday and it was so delicious that Nick wanted it again before we left. Nick also wanted to make sure that I took a picture of how much our order was.

After sitting on the plane for a good two hours waiting for passengers from another flight and then airport crew de-icing the plane, we were ready for take off. I was sitting next to the window and got to see the whole thing, it was pretty neat to see.

Nick and I are definitely going to add Norway to our must-see list since we didn't see much besides the airport and hotel this time around.

Overall, this trip has been an amazing experience from beginning to end. Everything went smoothly even with the little hiccup in Geneva. If I could relive this trip, I would in a heartbeat.

Until next time,


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