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Super Heroes Half Marathon

Like the Disneyland Half, I didn't train for this one either although I did promise myself that I would, it just never happened with our vacation plans.

Unlike the Disneyland Half, I was placed in the last corral which caused me to psych myself out (Jane and Christian were one or two corrals ahead of me). It was scary to think that I had no leeway to walk to keep up with pace. Had it not been for the three new characters that I had met, I would've called it quits after mile 3. Fortunately because I did meet those three new characters, I have another medal added to the collection and proved to myself that if I believe then I can do anything.

Regardless, it was a lesson to be learned. Again.

Mile 2 -

Skipped the restroom to sprint over to Black Widow.

Mile 3 -

Finally got to meet Hawkeye! Was starting to get sad that I probably missed Doctor Strange or that he wasn't out today until I saw him right before we hit the streets of Anaheim.

Mile 7 - I was really starting to break down physically and mentally when I saw someone running towards me from the other side of the street and it was Jane! She was on mile 9 and had finished going through the Angels Stadium. Because of her cheering me on, I think that kept my spirits up to keep going. I mean I was halfway done, what's another six miles?...

Mile 8 -

Between mile 10 and 11 - We were all speed walking faster to avoid getting picked up.

Mile 12 - Luckily I made it to mile 12 at a decent time to avoid getting picked up at all. From my understanding, once you're on Disney property, they stop caring about keeping pace since it doesn't interfere with street closures.

Mile 13.1 - I had to snapchat that I was finishing.

Our traditional finisher picture.

Thanks to these guys for always supporting me! I wouldn't have been able finish another half without them!

Cool thing is that this time, Disney gave annual passholders this Moana bag and coke cans with the Avengers on it.

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