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Orlando: Disney World '16

Surprisingly Nick and I didn't end up going to Orlando this year... together. I did, however, end up going with my cousins visiting from Zurich who Nick and I went to visit earlier this month. My mind was completely blown because I was just in Zurich visiting these guys and now we all are at Disney World. I dunno, I can't explain it. They graciously paid for my airfare and I eagerly said yes, I mean seriously, who would say no? Thank you, My-Phuong and Long for my mini getaway!!

Thanksgiving, November 24th

I flew in on a red eye Thanksgiving morning and my cousin-in-law, Long, dropped me off at Epcot to meet up with my cousin, My-Phuong, and her daughter, Sarah.

Since Sarah is still pretty young, our main focus for this trip was to meet as many characters as possible. My-Phuong and Sarah went at park opening and by the time I arrived at Epcot, they were already almost to the front of the line for Anna and Elsa.

My first new characters of the trip: Joy and Sadness.

We decided to get in line for Frozen so that by the time we were done with the ride, it would be perfect for our lunch reservations.

We got in the Frozen Ever After 110 minutes queue. However, it honestly wasn't too bad.

Our lunch reservation was at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall which is right outside the Frozen Ever After ride in the Norway pavilion. Again so weird that Nick and I were stuck in Norway the beginning of the month and now here I am having Norwegian cuisine.

I can't stress enough how great Princess character dining are because we met five princesses within the hour.

The food was also amazing. For lunch, the appetizer was 'Taste of Norway' which was buffet style Scandinavian seafood, imported cheeses, cured meats, salads, and fruits. For our entrees, MP got the Tradisjonell Kjottkake which is Norwegian meatballs and I got the Brassert Biff which is the red wine braised beef. Both plates were very delicious. The dessert was my favorite because I ate most of the rice pudding looking stuff.

Apple Chocolate Shake was so delicious. They even have an alcoholic version but wasn't available at the time.

The queue for Belle was not bad. My first time meeting her in her blue dress.

Our last character spot of the day was with our fastpass for Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.

Good night Epcot!


Friday, November 25th

We started our morning early since I was limited on time with my flight leaving at 9 later that night.

Yesterday I had planned to meet new characters, today I had accepted that I might not meet anyone new. However, as we were walking towards Merida, I told MP that it would be cool if Tweedledee and Tweedledum were out. And HOLY SMOKES!

One of the reasons why I run over to characters when I see them is because I have this phobia of the line being closed off. It has happened before with other characters so when I saw these guys, I literally bolted over. MP said she thought I was asking her if she and Sarah wanted to meet them and when she looked back, I was gone, hahaha. Sarah was a little skeptical at meeting them and when we were close to the front, she made her decision that she didn't care for them. As Tweedledee was signing my autograph book, Tweedledum kept shaking my hand and take my other hand and shaking that, seriously made my trip right there. I know, I'm too old for this, but whatever :-D

Finally made it to the Merida line after a few distractions.

Another one of my favorite pictures from this trip.

By the time we got to Pooh and Tigger's line, I was definitely feeling sluggish. The time difference, jetlag, humidity was not in my favor at all. Nick could tell from my Snapchats that our day at Epcot, I had a lot more energy and my MK snaps were just far in between and got depressing when I said bye to the castle later that night.

The lunch line was ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the Cafe Hyperion line in DLP. Luckily, Sarah and I were seated at the table and My-Phuong had to do all the work, thanks MP!

Thank you once again to MP, Long, and Sarah for letting me tag along and be a 'stand in' husband. I seriously had so much fun in the 48 hours that I was here with them. See you when I see you, Disney World! And see these guys next year at the wedding!

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