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Star Wars Half Marathon: The Light Side

You guys know how each half marathon post, I start off with saying I don't know how I finished? Well that's not the case for this half marathon.

It's been exactly a year to this day that I started the Star Wars Half and didn't finish. Am I ashamed? No. Embarrassed? No. The only reason why is because I've finished three other half marathons before so I know that I could've done it. I just wasn't in the mindset to do so and I ended up being behind the balloon ladies because of the long character lines. Didn't help that I was also in the last corral again. Being in the last corral, it means that you have to run even more fast just to keep with the 16min/mile pace and gives absolutely no leeway for character stops. Good thing my priority was to get characters so I stuck with my goal, haha.

My Disney running buddies, Jane and Christian didn't do this run this time, so it was just me. I had my dad drop me off and Nick meet me at the finish line... or at the parking structure where the buses drop runners.

While I was at my first character stop for C3PO and R2D2, cast members were already warning runners how far the balloon ladies were behind us. They did ended up passing me during this line though.

Second stop was for Sabine and Ezra. I wished you guys could've seen the look on Sabine's face when she noticed everyone would rather wait for pictures with her and Ezra instead of catching up with the course.

Last character stop for me was BB-8, no way was I going to pass him up.

After meeting BB-8, I ran fast to try and catch up. Unfortunately, the buses were already waiting for us right as we were entering onto Harbor Blvd between mile 4 and 5.

It was pretty heartbreaking on the bus ride back to Mickey and Friends. One person was doing the challenge so they were mad they weren't going to get their challenge medal. Another runner said it was her 10th or so time running the half and this was her first time getting picked up. Even though I was disappointed in myself, I saw five characters, four of which are new characters.

Surprisingly they all gave us a medal even though we didn't finish. I was really glad because this medal had Leia and Han on it. RIP Carrie Fisher. Of all the medals that I actually deserve, this medal had the coolest design.

Unfortunately this was the last runDisney event for a while at the Disneyland Resort for who knows how long. Even though I failed this half, I am still addicted and do plan for more half marathons in the future.

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