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A Walk in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps

Nick and I have never done any of the guided tours at any of the parks. Once we heard that Walk in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps were going to conclude visiting the Disney Dream suite, we got our tickets fast. Nick was able to use his cast member discount for our tickets, it was still pricey but definitely not $109 per person.

It was a rather warm day with lots of information given. It was pretty fun to see other guest stare at us as our guided tour group walked by, I guess it is instincts in all of us to stare when plaid walks by and figure out who they are walking with.

Part of the guided tour included a fastpass to get on Alice and Haunted Mansion.

The best part of the tour was the walk through the Disney Dream Suite. A visit through the Disney Dream Suite is not guaranteed with each tour, luckily our tour was granted access and it was amazing.

When I think of the Dream Suite, I think of a room above Pirates of the Caribbean. Boy was I wrong. The Dream Suite is more like an apartment with fully furnished rooms, gorgeous master bathroom, living room with fireplace, a huge balcony that overlooks Rivers of America, a huge sized patio for parties. Just amazing, I'm really glad we did this tour to experience it for ourselves.

Unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside, although we were allowed one picture in front of the fireplace. Our plaid angled the picture so you can actually see the original castle that inspired Disney and his imagineers for our castles in the mirror.

Couldn't resist leaving the Dream Suite without sneaking in selfies outside the double door entrance as we waited for the rest of our tour group to take their fireplace pictures.

Lunch was provided by the tour. The perfect way to end our three hour walking tour. We were supposed to get a special exclusive pin for the tour but they had ran out. They were supposed to mail us ours but it's been seven months and we still have yet to receive anything. Oh wells.

I believe now that they are no longer visiting the Dream Suite, they have replaced the walk through with Walt's Apartment. Regardless of how many times we have been to Disneyland Resort, there is still so much history to the place. Definitely would love to go on another guided tour and see Walt's Apartment.

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