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Atlanta: #thatsallfaulks2017

Bachelorette Weekend: Atlanta Edition

Guess who dragged their bridesmaids to Atlanta to see Kaskade at Shaky Beats? Yep, me.

With all my mom's side of the family in Georgia, we didn't need to find a place to stay or rent a car. Thank you to Amy and Huy for opening up their home and driving us around.

It was super fun to spend time with family and show the girls Georgia as I'm sure they were sort of skeptical when I said I wanted to go to the Dirty South for my bachelorette.

I can't speak for them but I will assume that they had preconceived notions that Georgia is all ghetto and run down. The media sure has a way of portraying Georgia in a not so great light. I was glad to get the chance to show them the Georgia that I know.

Saturday, May 6th

Amy's birthday

Gail, Bee, and I caught the red eye to Atlanta and arrived super duper early that morning. Cynthia had already arrived several hours prior from Ohio and was waiting for us to get there. My poor baby, Amy, had to wake super early to pick us up from the airport on her birthday while she's pregnant. Such a trooper that girl is. After a quick breakfast and settling in, we napped and got ready to start our day.

Kaskade wasn't going to be on stage until 9:30PM so we had ample amount of time to have lunch and relax.

With my honorary maid of honor and my matron of honor.

For lunch, we had Twin Smokers BBQ in downtown Atlanta. It was super convenient as it was less than a block away from Shaky Beats at Centennial Park.

Amy's cousin, Beverly, joined us for lunch since she was in the area also. She also recommended a few places to eat while we were visiting.

The girls surprised me with an awesome... headband.

My face expression says it all.

Back in 1996 when the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, my dad had adopted a brick and miraculously added all three of our names on there.

I went through the database and was able to locate our brick. Unfortunately it looks like my sense of direction has me pointing at the brick above ours. Oh wells. Still a happy camper that I got to re-live 1996.

We spent most of our afternoon going from stage to stage to see our favorite artists. I really enjoyed seeing Flosstradmus and during Galantis we got rained on. Luckily the rain subsided and the waiting was all coming to an end when the Man, Kaskade, showed up and started his set. Unfortunately since he was headlining, most everyone wanted to see him so we kept getting pushed and shoved around as people were trying to find their friends or whatever. It was most eventful for Amy and Gail because they were standing right beside this guy and his girl... Actually you can see his shirt to the left of the picture down below... peen in hole and everything...

This day was amazing! So amazing that I tested my youth and swear that I entered purgatory... and I will leave it at that.


Sunday, May 7th

Day 2 of Debauchery

Somehow after the debauchery last night, I made it out alive.

Bottomless mimosa for brunch at Kaleidoscope.

Thanks to Bee for funding the snacks.

Nothing is as fun as being hungover from cheap champagne.

We went to dinner with my family that night and I was beyond miserable.

Thank you to my Aunt Viv and Uncle Vic for getting us dinner.

Day 2 done.


Monday, May 8th

Wild Animal Safari

Thanks to Huy for driving us. I think it was a total of a good three hour drive to and from.

My Aunt and Uncle felt bad that the restaurant that we went to last night wasn't the best. So tonight they wanted to make up for it and took us to this crawfish place. Praise the lord I was sober this evening.

Better late than never.

Happy 25th Birthday to Amy!! I'm so glad I got to spend one of her birthdays with her, I'm sure I haven't done that since we moved to California back in 2002.

A big thank you to my family for their hospitality and housing my bridesmaids and myself.

Until next time, ATL.

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