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Our mini-moon at WDW

Everyone has been asking if we have been on our honeymoon. The answer, nope, nada, zap. The wedding planning and financial aspect sucked us dry and so we had to postpone our honeymoon. We did take a mini-moon to guess where? Walt Disney World! WDW was part of our original honeymoon plans, we were gonna go to the parks for a few days and then head on our cruise, so technically we sorta, kinda did go on our honeymoon-ish.

Friday, December 8th

I really need to stop thinking we are still young and booking red eyes. Nick and I barely slept on the plane, so you can imagine my excitement when we arrived at the hotel at 7:30AM and they were able to accommodate us. We took a nice long nap because we were going to be in the parks late for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party event. Our original plan was to get an Airbnb and get a room but after realizing how late and early our days were going to start. I decided we needed to splurge on an actual hotel room. Best decision ever, Nick and I each had a bed to ourselves, some mini-mooning right? Haha.

Temperature for today, hot but tolerable. Predicted weather for the evening was light showers which freaked me out because I had so many characters that I wanted to meet for the special event.

Nick told me not to "waste" money on having Kenny the Pirate customize our touring plan, but I did it anyway. I mean come on, it was only $24.95, we are flying across the country to see these characters and the MVMCP tickets aren't cheap either. I think I could fork up $25 dollars for Kenny to map out step by step which characters we needed to line up first for and which to save for later in the evening.

While the 7 Dwarfs start to meet guest at 6:15PM, my butt was the first in line at 4:35 as recommended by Kenny. I was actually 5 minutes late and totally gave Nick attitude for wanting to ride the Mark Twain. Don't act surprised because you guys know I'm crazy for characters.

The night was super successful and we met all the new characters that we needed. It did start to sprinkle a little bit and that did affect the meet and greet for Eric and Ariel, but nothing a little re-location doesn't solve.

One of my favorite meet and greets ever.

After meeting Sandy Claws, Nick and I grabbed food and we were still so jetlagged that we left early. Nick wanted to meet the other princes that were out but after seeing the line, he changed his mind. Thank goodness for Kenny's touring plan, we didn't feel rushed and had ample of time to try out the different food stations that they had. Did I forget to mention it was free food? Yeah it was free, the money spent on these tickets paid for themselves I feel like.

New character count: 11


Saturday, December 9th

I knew going on this trip that yesterday and tomorrow were going to be busy, so today we took it very slow.

Since yesterday was nice and warm, we were prepared for warmer weather. I stepped out of the hotel and it was freezing!! I ran back to our room and thankfully had packed my Dland furry sweater. I never knew that I would actually need it though.

First stop, Epcot.

We were super lazy and decided to take the bus over to the World Showcase. Yes, I decided to rock my 33 hat. Such a poser, I know.

We had reservations at Tokyo Dining and enjoyed some cocktail while watching people walk in the rain. This Tokyo sunset was pretty bomb, I had two and the lightweight that I was. I was feeling nice and fuzzy inside.

After lunch, you gotta have dessert.

I got the Croque Glace which is a brioche with ice cream pressed warm. The ice cream of choice was mixed berry sorbet, as recommended by the cast member. As we were indulging, Nick stated that I got his flavor... It was an interesting concept, definitely not good after a full hearty meal and I didn't care too much for the berry sorbet.

The reason why I wanted to do Epcot before Hollywood Studios was because I was wishfully thinking that we would've ran into Mr. Smee from Peter Pan. Unfortunately that was not the case so we rushed over to HS to end our evening.

You can only imagine the disappointment I had when I checked on Kenny the Pirate's fan page that Rey was meeting with Chewy earlier in the day! That would be my luck, always missing random great moments like that.

New character count: 1


Sunday, December 10th

The day Nick and I have been waiting around for since it opened. Today was an Animal Kingdom day to spend majority of our time in Pandora.

First and only character meet of the day was Timon!

He was super fun and was so excited to hear that Nick works at Disneyland. Your eyes aren't deceiving you, Nick and I are wearing matching sweaters, a first time for us.

And finally Pandora was beautiful.

Flights of Passage had over a 3 hour queue. We sucked it up and waited and it was amazing! Even though I have never been on the Tron ride at Shanghai Disney, just from pictures and videos, FOP was a little of Tron and Soarin Over California, all in one ride.

For a quick meal, we ate the the Satuli Canteen which is a Pandora themed quick service restaurant.

Next on our list was the Na'vi River Journey ride. The wait wasn't as long as the Flights of Passage and thankfully it wasn't because this ride had amazing visuals and colors but really no story to the ride, at least in my opinion. I think of all the rides in the WDC, I think this ride has got to be the most boring and pointless one yet.

The only great thing about this ride was during the queue, we got our hands on this blueberry almond popcorn. I had a blonde moment where I asked Nick why was everything blue in this land... then I was like duh... the same color as Avatars. Anyways. Popcorn was good!

After visiting Pandora, we had fastpass for Expedition Everest and since it's Nick and my favorite ride, we rode it once together and once as single riders.

Nick was a little frustrated because we were watching the Rivers of Light show and his foot kept getting jabbed by a stroller, I cheered him up with some alcoholic dole whip.


Monday, December 11th

We spent our morning in Disney Spring just lounging around before it was time to head to the airport. I was very sad that we were leaving but glad we had the chance to get away.

This trip was short but successful. WDW never disappoints.

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