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Club 33 - Le Salon Nouveau

Holy sheet. Were my thoughts exactly when I found out my friends had included me in their Club 33 plans. Nick didn't get to join me this time and I felt super guilty but not guilty enough to disappoint my friends, haha.

Obligatory stairs picture.

For this visit, I had the opportunity to dine with a 33 member. With a member present, we were able to dine in the lounge side of the Club, Le Salon Nouveau. My first visit with Nick, a member made us reservations but was not present for our dinner so we were only allowed in the Le Grand Salon dining area. The ambience in the lounge is a lot more social, if that makes any sense, but also still very intimate and cozy.

First things first, checking out our food and drinks menu.

I honestly cannot remember what my drink was called but when in rome... or rather Club 33, why not?

While we were waiting for food to arrive, Leah and I decided to go exploring.

For dinner, I got the Signature Club 33 Prime Hamburger as suggested by the member. It was the best dang ol' tasting burger I have ever had. It was super juicy and delish.

Even though I was full, there's always room for dessert. I got the Peach Upside-Down Cake. It looks small from this angle but it was very filling.

After dinner, it was time to shop! I always shop lots when at 33 because I never know when I will be returning next. I hate going home and thinking I should've gotten something. Currently I am regretting not getting a crossbody bag from there. When purchasing at the Club, a cast member writes down your orders and goes to the back and retrieves the items.

While waiting for our purchases, more pictures were needed to be taken, haha. I like to make sure I can go home and remember every itch of the Club.

After dinner, we were to head to the private seating area for Club 33 members and their guests for the Fantasmic show. We were truly spoiled that night. We not only got pretty much front row seats, we were also seated on nicely folded chairs. Even though we were seated behind those guests that had the dining package for Fantasmic, it was mandatory for them to sit on those stadium seat cushions on the uneven pavement.

This picture shows how close and comfortable we were along with how much souvenirs I purchased.

Each member is given a crap load of fastpasses when they are at the Club. Since it was going late, we ended up giving the passes to other guests. Still I had to be super cheesy and pose with all the FPs.

As a former cast member and a current annual passholder, one can never get enough of Disney and the many different ways to experience it. Big thank you's to my friends that loved me enough to include me in their plans. They definitely didn't have to but because they did, it just shows that Disney magic is all around us as long as you believe in it.

Until next time Club 33!!

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