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Vegas & NYC '18

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Our second trip as a married couple to celebrate Nick's birthday weekend.

Saturday, February 17th

What an amazing show BSB gave us! Our second time seeing BSB and this time was 100x better.

Some pictures of our room at Planet Hollywood. The room was really nice, but the view was pretty boring.

Yes, Nick and I totally had a his and her bed for this leg of our trip and we don't regret anything.


Sunday, February 18

Foodie stops:

  • Eggslut - Super yummy, as always.

  • Milk bar - Average, not great. Still trying to figure out what the hype is about.

  • Sugar factory - Sour Patch Mango Obsession Goblet, pretty good. Sucks there wasn't enough sour patches.

  • Taco El Gordo - Hands down the best meal in Vegas. Long is line so come prepared, but the tacos are amazing and makes up for it.


Monday, February 19th

Nick turns 31!

More food/drinks to try today:

  • Wahlburgers - Nick was pretty disappointed, everything was mediocre tasting

  • Sprinkles - Best dessert of the trip, I totally had two servings of double scoops... no shame. I know, the best dessert is something I can get in Southern California. I like what I like.

  • Tipsy Robot - Pretty cool concept and stills you on the screen whose order they are making.

  • Nacho Daddy - Conveniently located, food is average. They offer Scorpion shots which we both took. Nick was a daredevil and actually bit into the little guy, I shallowed it whole and wanted to gag. Pretty cool way to end our evening in Vegas.


Tuesday, February 20th

We took an early flight out of Vegas to head to NYC. The part of the trip that I was looking forward to and to cross off more from our must-eat bucket list NYC edition.

Our first time taking the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), it was fast with only two stops into Manhattan and very clean. It was a little pricey, one way ticket was $6 and times were limited.

If you guys know me, you know I'm not a fan of ramen and broth. Uhm holy crap, Ippudo was amazing! From the pork bun to the spicy ramen, so so so good! The wait itself spoke for how delicious this place is. And you know New Yorkers can be the best customers or the worst critics.

As we made our way back to Penn Station, we took the route that walked through Times Square. NYC is never complete without a visit to Times Square.

Can we talk about how delicious the banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery is? The only bad thing is that I actually tried the seasonal Raspberry Chocolate Banana Pudding first and I prefer it over the original Banana Pudding.


Wednesday, February 21st

Nick and I headed into the city via the J train instead of the LIRR. We ended up buying an unlimited Metro pass since we knew we were going to utilize the metro pretty often for the next two days.

The J train is what Nick and I so vividly remember. It was more crowed, bad odor, and more stops compared to the LIRR. I like to tease that the LIRR is for the bougie folks.

Even though it was still winter, Nick and I were sweating running around this day. It was in the 70s, but it was really warm for us. Gotta love that concrete jungle.

Foodie stops:

  • Boba Guys - Thai tea for Nick and strawberry matcha latte for myself. First time trying Boba Guys and not disappointed but not something I would go out of my way for.

  • Sunny & Annie's Deli - Would definitely recommend! I honestly can't remember exactly what wraps we got, the options were endless and a bit overwhelming. The only thing I remember is that Nick and I accidentally ate each other's wraps and then finally realized that I got the wrap with the tuna and spices and his was the bulgogi one. We totally messed up and didn't get the original Pho bodega sandwich, there's always next time.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream Shop - Wasabi Pea cone, good for the 'gram, that's about it.

Nick and I had a few hours before meeting Toto and Vivian for dinner. We made it our goal to finally step foot onto Central Park. I actually wanted to rent a bike, but Nick freaked me out since we both hadn't ridden a bike in years.

More foodie spots continued

  • Basta Pasta - Vivian picked this place because she heard that I really wanted to experience the cheese wheel. I'm a huge cheese lover, but this is a once in a lifetime experience, something I wouldn't worry about trying elsewhere. I had to get the spaghetti con prosciutto e parmigiano because it was the only plate that came with the cheese wheel experience. Definitely mediocre food for the price.

Good thing for good company though!

Nick and I have never been to a barcade, not something I would care to go to but it's right up Nick's alley. It was fun nonetheless, I heard that have one right down the street from where we live, maybe something to do one of these nights.

Back at Toto's and Vivian's apartment, the cutest mini welcome bar ever.

Late night munchies

  • Rubirose - Vivian had ordered take-out from here because she and Toto loves this place and wanted us to try it. We had their Tie-Dye pizza and it hit the spot. Could you really have bad tasting pizza in NYC though? Is that even allowed?

  • Rices to Riches - Just as yummy as I remember. Unfortunately, my serving was big and it got overwhelming really quickly. I also didn't enjoy the dark chocolate flavor on the left side, too strong of a taste.


Thursday, February 22nd

I woke up not feeling too hot this morning. The temperature suddenly dropped from the 70s to the low 40s and it was raining. We still had a lot to see and we were leaving early tomorrow, so I put my big girl pants on and started our day.

Our main objective for today was to see the Brooklyn Bridge. Since Shake Shack was nearby, we had that for lunch.

  • Shake Shack - Delicious as always.

  • Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria - Good for a quick bite to eat, nothing fancy. Of course, I had to be special and get their broccoli and tomato slice, pretty good, not gonna lie.

  • Cha Cha Matcha - Very cute Matcha shop with lots of locals hanging out. I should've tried their ice cream but I opted for the latte instead since it was cold and dreary out. I enjoyed the ambience and would come back to try their ice cream.

  • Dos Toros Taqueria - This taco probably would've been amazing on an empty stomach, unfortunately this was right after dinner when I was already too full.

  • Mr. Wish - quick and convenient boba shop in Kew Gardens. Now I know why I couldn't sleep this evening.

For dinner, T and V took us to Tim Ho Wan for dim sum. The wait was pretty long but they actually send you a text of how far you are in line and how many parties are ahead of you. This isn't any regular old dim sum cuisine, this was a Michelin star restaurant originating from Hong Kong. We ordered quite a bit all a la carte, because I assume they didn't have enough space to roll a cart around. Their most memorable plate was the baked bun with BBQ pork or simply bun bao. It was to die for, so bomb!

As we end our His&Fer favorite city trip, I just wanted to stay thank you to Toto and Vivian again for taking in the strays showing us around NYC, giving us a place to stay, feeding us, playing board games, trying to get me drunk, making sure we were good. Y'all the best hosts!

We had a blast experiencing both Vegas and NYC from a different perspective. NYC still has so much more to offer that we, once again, barely grazed the surface. I think for the most part, we have seen all the major landmarks that we have been wanting to see.

Until next time, Vegas and NYC! NYC, you're still my favorite city in the States, even if this trip exhausted me.

P.S I totally did get sick when we flew back to California, all worth it though.

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