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Fall Vacation '18 (Part 5): Amalfi Coast & Rome

Our last port was Naples, Italy, however we didn't do any exploring in Naples.

Before our trip, my dad and I kept going back and forth deciding if we should do Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast. Cinque Terre is near Pisa, Amalfi Coast near Naples, both equally beautiful and breathtaking from what we researched.

We ended up deciding Amalfi Coast and BEST DECISION EVER.

We booked a private driver who pick us up from the Naples cruise port and made our way down the coast to Positano and Sorrento with a pitstop at one of the Limoncello stores.

Nick really wanted a picture with our driver, John Lucca, because apparently he looks like a guy from some video game.

Mom enjoying some cream puffs at the pitstop for some limoncello.

Overlooking Positano.

John Lucca dropped us off at our meeting point, and we had a good hour to explore on our own. The trek down to the beach was easier, it was the trek back up to the meeting point was a workout.

This view is definitely one of my favorite from the trip.

After Positano, we stopped by Ristorante Ninuccio for some delicious seafood.

I know I've been receiving weird looks when I say that I don't like Italian food but let me correct myself... I do not like the pasta, carbonara, and pizza from any of the restaurants/fast food joints that we went to, however I love, love their seafood, cicchetti, steaks, and of course, gelato.

After lunch, we made our way to our next stop, Sorrento. My parents love Sorrento for the shopping. Nick and I enjoyed Positano more.

I know what y'all are thinking... where is my sweater/raincoat? Surprisingly I wasn't cold, and when it was drizzling, I got priority over the umbrella for obvious reason ;)

Tonight is our last night on our cruise, and will disembark at Civitavecchia tomorrow which is about an hour from Rome.


Our last full day in Italy. We basically did a full circle and back in Rome.

Also, Pompi Tiramisu is effing amazing. It was so good that we went back in and grabbed some for a late night snack. That's all, haha.

To this day, we look back and are glad that we decided to make the trip down the Amalfi Coast from the Naples port. It was cool to experience south of Italy, where it was not as crowded this time of the year. Of course, I'm also writing this in July when our trip was in October/November of last year... but still, we highly recommend visiting Amalfi Coast.

Is it possible to enjoy Rome more this time around than at the start of our trip? The start of our trip, we were running around trying to see and do everything. This time, granted it was raining, the city was just so much more calm and relaxing.

Thank you, Italy, Croatia, and Greece for a wonderful trip.

Also thank you guys for following along, whether it was to read or just look at the pictures, I appreciate you all.

Until next time where we will head to our home away from home, Vegas!

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